Posted on Mar 20, 2021

America Roofing

"How We Inspect Your Roof"

America Roofing is a professional company that carries roof repair in Phoenix. We examine the underlayer using special equipment and check for several surface elements like:

- The state of the shingles (cracked/loose/warped/missing)

- Sagging and rust

- Discoloration and staining on the shingles and roof board

- Any leaking

- Mold and mildew, and other pest infestations

- Moisture accumulation in the vents and chimneys

We also check the inside of your house, specifically the attic, for any advanced structural damages.

We also specialize in inspecting Commercial roofing in Phoenix and other surrounding areas. The following are some of the procedures:

- Structural inspection: We check for cracks, sagging, unevenness of roofing, the gutter system, electrical wiring, venting, and chimneys for factories only.

- Material inspection: We inspect loose, missing, warped, or broken shingles, stains, pest infestation, rust & rot, and missing fasteners. We also check rubber boots & seals around the venting for any wear.

- Interior inspection: We look for any rotting, water damage, and electrical wiring.

- Quality inspection- we check for any signs that may lead to future damage.

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